Coravin Wine List

Coravin Wine Preservation System is designed to pour wine without removing the cork, so wine always tastes like it has just been opened. The non-coring Coravin Needle gently passes through corks without displacing cork material. Once the Needle is removed, the cork simply expands back to its normal shape. As wine is extracted through the Needle, it is replaced with pure Argon gas, ensuring oxygen never touches the remaining wine, keeping it as fresh as the day it was bottled.

Kistler “Les Noisetiers” (’21 Sonoma Coast, CA)1739155
Olivier Leflaive “Puligny-Montrachet” (’16 Puligny-Montrachet, FR)2148195
Shafer “Relentless” (’16 Napa, CA)2763250
Kosta Browne “Gap’s Crown” (’20 Sonoma, CA)3582295
Pahlmeyer “Proprietary Red” (’18 Napa, CA)53116525
Ridge “Monte Bello” (’19 Santa Cruz Mountains, CA)62134608
Heitz “Martha’s Vineyard” (’17 Napa, CA)72157712
Shafer “Hillside Select” (’18 Stags Leap District, CA)95208937
Realm “Moonracer” (‘19 Napa, CA)1042301030
Vérité “Le Désir” (’17 Sonoma County, CA)1052281030
Schrader “Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard” (’19 Napa, CA)1292821275
Hundred Acre “Morgan’s Way” (‘19 Napa, CA)1823981800
Colgin IX (‘19 Napa, CA)1904151875
Bond “St. Eden” (’15 Oakville, CA)1994351970
ZD “Abacus” (XXI Napa, CA)2054452000
Bond “St. Eden” (‘19 Napa, CA)2565602500
Château Latour (‘12 Pauillac, FR)3307053200
Château Lafite Rothschild (‘18 Pauillac, FR)4108954000
Château Mouton Rothschild (‘16 Pauillac, FR)96021009400