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Join us for an opportunity to taste and purchase bottles of Bourbon & Bones Chophouse and Bar’s one-of-a-kind Private Barrel Selection Bottles.

Striving to provide our guests with an extraordinary experience, our team of master tasters seek out and selects private barrels from notable distilleries to create a distinct and signature inventory of whiskies for our restaurants. These select flavor profiles are unique and provide our guests with what we believe is the optimal tasting experience.

We are pleased to offer our private barrel selections to the public once a month on the first Saturday.

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Available for purchase at the Rickhouse, a selection of our Bottle Candles. These candles are made from our Barrel Select and other bottles. Styles vary and quantities limited. Below is a small selection of available candles.

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The featured bottles are limited. Bottle availability subject to change, please visit the event for allocations and most accurate availability. The availability and allocation is subject to change as inventories and demand requires.

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Extremally limited allocation bottles and some special release bottle purchases are offered through a raffle allocation. Get 1 raffle ticket for each bottle purchased. Raffle drawings occur throughout the event. If one of your tickets are drawn you will be given the opportunity to purchase the limited allocation bottle presented at that raffle time. Must be present.

Previous Bottle Releases

Woodford Reserve B&B Private Barrel Bourbon 90.4Versailles, KY52
Bourbon balanced through malt and grain, aromas of rich dried fruit, orange and mint with hints of vanilla and tobacco. Citrus, cinnamon, caramel, toffee and spice with a rounded mouth feel. Smooth, lengthy finish. Balanced mashbill.Balanced Mashbill 
Yellowstone Select B&B Barrel Select Bourbon 93Lebanon, KY43
Barrel No.1564- 4 YR Bourbon with aromas of vanilla, caramel, graham cracker and baking spice. Oak, vanilla forward on palate with brown sugar, spices, hints of summer peach. Slightly sweet, fading finish of brown sugar, faint leather, white pepper, hints of smoked oak.75C/13R/12M 
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select Whiskey 94Lynchburg, TN45
Barrel #23-00065 Aromas of oak, dark fruit, leather, hints of banana. Medium bodied palate shows chocolate wafer with cinnamon, banana taffy, clove, notes of allspice. Full, middling length finish punctuated with oak, leather, spice.80C/8R/12M 
High West American Prarie Barrel Select Oloroso Finish 99.2Park City, UT46
Bourbon with aromas of vanilla, toasted pecans, milk chocolate with hints of caramel and candy corn. Vanilla cream forward on palate with caramel syrup, toffee, toasted pecans, cornbread buiscuits. Smooth, sweet earthy finish. Blended mashbill.75C/20R/5M 
High West American Prarie Barrel Select Manhattan Finish 100Park City, UT46
Bourbon with aromas of dark cherry, cooked grains, toasted oak. Vanilla custard, roasted pine nuts and herbs on palate with hints of tobacco, hazelnuts. Sweet, lingering essences of vanilla and caramel corn throughout finish. Blended mashbill.79C/15R/6M 
Del Bac Classic Cask Strength B&B Private Barrel Whiskey 100Tucson, AZ84
Barrel # 2371 – Batch 172 – American Single Malt Whiskey – Nose filled with Baking spices, nectarine, stewed pear and smoke pancetta. Palate notes of warm french toast, stonefruit, black currant, hints of molasses. Lingering, heated, slight smoke finish.100M 
Few Spirits Single Barrel Bourbon Barrel Select 100Evanston, IL60
Straight bourbon with aromas of cherry, smoked vanilla, aged oak and black licorice with hints of smoke and earth. Black pepper,dark cherry, iced cinnamon bun with creamy mouth feel. Earth, peppered spice carry through lengthy finish with notes of sweet raisins, anise, hints of grain. Balanced mashbill.70C/20R/10M 
Jefferson’s Reserve B&B Single Barrel Bourbon 100Crestwood, KY55
Subtle hints of sweet corn, apple, caramel, sugar and whipped cream. Clove, nutmeg, toffee, bittersweet chocolate with hints of pepper and spice. Medium length, dry finish. Blended mashbill, rye spice.60C/30R/10M 
Sonoma Distilling B&B Barrel Select Bourbon 102.3Sonoma, CA35
Barrel # 18-01026- Wheated bourbon with aromas of cornbread, cedar and sandalwood, almond and oak. Toasted vanilla, almond, toffee brittle, coffee and spiced accents through palate. Brisk, sweet finish.70C/25W/5M 
Redemption “High Rye Bourbon” B&B Barrel Select 105Indiana, USA45
High Rye (36% Rye) Bourbon- Spicy aromas of cinnamon, anise, clove, oregano and herbs followed by notes of caramel and wood. Bold, spice forward hinting of fennel, dill, mint with sweet vanilla and caramel. Vanilla spice finish. High rye mashbill.High Rye Mash 
Maker’s Mark B&B Private Barrel Bourbon Pick III 106.6Loretto, KY62
Wheated Bourbon- Caramel, sweet corn, wood. Palate combines with wheat, caramel, oak, roasted spices, toast. Balanced profile. 3 Makers 46 staves, american oak. Hints of spiced apple, cinnamon, caramel.70C/16W/14M 
Maker’s Mark B&B Private Barrel Bourbon Pick V 108.8Loretto, KY62
B&B Bourbon Recipe #2- Butterscotch, toasted corn, oak, vanilla with hints of earth. Palate shows caramel,vanilla brulee, dark fruit, baking spice. Medium finish of dark fruit, cinnamon, hints of oak. 3 Makers 46 staves, 3 French mendiant staves, 4 French toasted staves.70C/16W/14M 
Doc Swinson’s Straight Bourbon B&B Private Barrel 107.8Ferndale, WA58
5 Year Bourbon- Creamy caramel, charrek oak, vanilla, hints of heat. Palate of Rye spice, orange, caramelized sugar, baking spices, pepper. Spicy finish with oak, vanilla, white pepper, lingering warmth.75C/21R/4M 
Russell’s Reserve 10yr B&B Private Barrel Bourbon #2 110Lawrenceburg, KY78
Barrel # 22-0889, Warehouse B, Floor 6- Oak, caramel, toffee aromas with hints of leather and cherry. Sweet cinnamon spice, cherry, toffee, oak, roasted tree nuts through palate. Robust mouth feel. Tapering finish with lingering spice.75C/13R/12M 
Maker’s Mark B&B Private Barrel Bourbon Pick VI 110.5Loretto, KY68
Wheated Bourbon- Caramel, baking spice, soft wood nose. Warm palate of wheat, caramel, oak, vanilla, brioche. French oak profile. 4 cuvee,1 Makers 46, 3 mendiant, 2 french spice staves. Finish of oak, cinnamon, caramel.70C/16W/14M 
Maker’s Mark B&B Private Barrel Bourbon Pick VII 110.3Loretto, KY68
Wheated Bourbon- Roasted corn, caramel, vanilla nose. Full palate with harvest wheat, caramel, roasted spices, slight oak. Robust profile. 2 american oak, 4 Makers 46, 1 mendiant, 1 french spice stave. Full, tapering cinnamon finish.70C/16W/14M 
Stellum “Leo” B&B Single Barrel Bourbon 111.52Kentucky, USA50
5 yr Bourbon- Honey, licorice, orange peel, apples, candied pineapple. Hints of fresh herbs. Palate carries through with cinnamon spice, toasted grain, rosemary. Finish marked by oak, honey, licorice,mint.75C/21R/4M 
Stranahan’s B&B Private Barrel Whiskey Pick I 113.1Denver, CO50
Barrel # 15-2379-6 yr American Whiskey- Caramel, peanuts, marzipan. Palate of walnuts, tree nuts, oak, herbal spice, malt. Short, rolling finish with hints of spice rearward.0C/0R/100M 
Wilderness Trail Family Reserve B&B Single Barrel Bourbon 113.2Danville, KY58
Barrel # 779240- 4yr Wheated Bourbon- Caramel, apricot, crème brulee, toasted wheat, spice nose. Viscous palate of caramel, chocolate, apricot, orange marmalade, oak. Lengthy cinnamon spiced finish with notes of stonefruit, almond.64C/24W/12M 
George Remus B&B Single Barrel Bourbon 114.2Lawrenceburg, IN60
High Rye Bourbon- Sweet Vanilla, caramel, cedar, leather, rye spice. Palate is sweet, rye forward, caramel, hints of charred oak. Lingering, heated demarara sugar finish with notes of cedar and rye.75C/21R/4M 
Pinhook “Bourbon War” B&B Private Barrel Bourbon 114.9Frankfort, KY80
7 yr Vertical Bourbon- Cinnamon stick, rye grain, baking spice, light ethanol. Palate shows oak, peppercorn, cinnamon nonpareils, hints of vanilla, spice with balanced mouth feel. Heated,spiced lingering finish.75C/20.5R/4.5M 
Woodinville B&B Private Select Single Barrel Bourbon 114.86Woodinville, WA62
Barrel # 7510- Cracked corn, sweet hay, honey, vanilla with hints of spice. Full palate, notes of hard salted caramel, vanilla on front with a follow of warm cinnamon spice. Black pepper, mint, spices to finish.72C/22R/6M 
Yellowstone Select B&B Hand Picked Single Barrel 115Lebanon, KY44
Barrel # 9585-4 yr Bourbon- Nose of brown sugar, nectarine, plum, citrus, oaked cinnamon spice. Stonefruit, brown sugar with lengthy cinnamon spice on palate. Lingering finish of cinnamon, stonefruit, brown sugar, hints of tobacco.75C/13R/12M 
Three Chord B&B Barrel Select Bourbon 117Chelsea, MI50
4 yr Bourbon- Nose filled with baked bread, caramel, vanilla extract, chocolate, hints of orange. Vanilla cream, toasted oak, orange blossom, rye spice on palate. Balanced, middling finish of chocolate, tobacco.60C/36R/4M 
Del Bac Classic Cask Strength B&B Private Barrel Whiskey 121.7Tucson, AZ84
Barrel # 2371, Batch 172 -American Single Malt Whiskey- Nose filled with baking spices, nectarine, stewed pear and smoked pancetta. Palate notes of warm french toast, stonefruit, black currant, hints of molasses. Lingering, heated, slight smoke finish.100M 
Ezra Brooks B&B Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon 124Nelson County, KY54
Barrel # 9126- 5yr Bourbon- Oak, stonefruit, lemon, cocoa, tobacco, slight ethanol nose. Peppered palate of cinnamon, lemon zest, sweet ginger, chocolate toffee. Medium length finish of chocolate, cinnamon.78C/10R/12M 
Uncle Nearest Black Label B&B Single Barrel 124Shelbyville, TN74
Barrel # PSB-4 – Bourbon -Nose of snickerdoodle, caramel sweets, hints of sweet maple donuts. Rich palate reminiscent of french toast, brown sugar, warmed marshmallow, oak, faint vanilla, baking spices. Lengthy. lingering finish of cinnamon candy, dark caramel, black cherries, spices.Undisclosed 
Ridgemont 1792 Full Proof Single Barrel B&B No. 2 125Bardstown, KY50
Barrel # 7430 – B&B Recipe #2- Heated aromas of dry oak, vanilla with hints of caramel. Palate of sweet corn, cinnamon, warmed raisins, dark cherry, slight vanilla throughout. Heated finish of earth, oak, white pepper, hints of vanilla.75C/15W/10M 
Rebel B&B Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon 126Bardstown, KY68
Barrel # 8119488- 4 Yr Wheated Bourbon- Sweet, woody nose of cinnamon, raisin, caramel, notes of vanilla, some heat. Warm, rich palate of caramel brulee, baking spices, vanilla, oak. Lengthy peppered oak, caramel finish.68C/20W/12M 
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B&B Private Barrel Bourbon 127Bardstown, KY80
Barrel # 6276658 – 10 Yr Bourbon – Aromas of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, orange peel, spices, hinting of oak. Palate of dried fruit, sugared figs, tobacco, warmed raisins, dark cherry, slight vanilla and charred oak. Warmer,lengthy finish of earth, oak, orange, hints of vanilla.78C/10R/12M 
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B&B Private Barrel Bourbon 127.6Louisville, KY80
Barrel # 6311701- 9 Yr Bourbon- French vanilla custard, baking spices, vanilla. Palate shows oak, caramel, chocolate, sweet nuts, orange peel with black cherry. Finish of toffee, vanilla, oak, tobacco, cinnamon.78C/10R/12M 
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B&B Private Barrel Bourbon 133.4Louisville, KY80
Barrel # 6347405- 8 Yr Bourbon- Butterscotch, nougat, toffee, notes of vanilla custard, chocolate. Palate of heated cinnamon candy, almond nougat, raspberry, blood orange, currant, cream. Lingering finish.78C/10R/12M 
Rye Whiskies  
Whistle Pig Bespoke Twelve Year B&B Barrel Rye 86Shoreham, VT155
12 yr Triple Barrel Finished Canadian Rye- Sweet , dark cherry, honey, red wine, floral aromas. Full palate shows honeydew, strawberry, pickling spices, candied cinnamon. Lingering, full finish. Canadian rye mashbill.Canadian Rye 
Whistle Pig Bespoke Twelve Year Barrel Rye B&B No. 3 86Shoreham, VT160
12 YR Canadian Rye – Rye, Cherry liqueur cask finished with aromas of baked cherries, hints of spring flowers, orange peel, light spices. Middling palette with notes of earth, faint oak, vanilla, rose petal. Lighter, medium length fading finish with baking spices, vanilla, hints of oak.Mashbill Not Stated 
Lexington Town Branch B&B Single Barrel Reserve Rye 108.4Lexington, KY55
Barrel # 2662 – Lot #15L21 – Kentucky Straight Rye – Rye forward, baking spice, toasted dill, spices. Medium weighted, notes of aok, leather, rye spice, cinnamon, hints of barrel char. Lenthy, cinnamon rye finish.55R/30C/15M 
Peerless Double Oak B&B Single Barrel Rye 110.3Louisville, KY108
4 YR Sweet Mash Rye- Nose of rye grass, chocolate, molasses, hits of oak. Palate carries brown sugar, raisins, ginger, root beer, dried cranberry. Finish shows dark chocolate, hints of pecan, white pepper, lingering spice notes.Mashbill Not Stated 
Whistle Pig Piggyback B&B Single Barrel Rye 112Shoreham, VT56
Barrel # 8459 -6 YR Rye- 100% Rye, notes of baked apples, lemon peel, hints of spring flowers, light spices. Slightly earthy, soft palette with notes of white pepper, lemon, faint oak, vanilla, milk chocolate. Lighter, medium length fading finish with spearmint, clove.100R 
Smoke Wagon Straight Rye B&B Private Barrel 112.48Las Vegas, NV84
6 yr Rye Whiskey- Cherry, vanilla, birthday cake, toasted oak, slight licorice, rye grass nose. Warm, layered rye palate of plum, raisin, carameled apple pie, baking spices. Thick, chewy finish of cinnamon, orange, citrus, leather, mint.51R/45C/4M 
Pinhook “Tiz Rye Time” B&B True Single Barrel Rye 116.7Kentucky, USA70
6 yr vertical rye whiskey- Sugared fruit, mint, white peppercorn, light rye spice aroma. Rye dominant, cinnamon stick, white peach, vanilla, baking spice, hint of leather. Soft vanilla, oak, heated spiced rye finish.95R/5M 
Stellum “Rigel” B&B Single Barrel Rye 116.8Indiana, USA50
Rye Whiskey- Mint, cedar, cherry, butterscotch, molasses, hint of ginger front. Rich mouth feel, cinnamon spice, molasses, mint, ginger on palate. Warm and lengthy cedar, mint, cinnamon finish.95R/5M 
Barrell Craft Spirits Indiana Rye Finished B&B Pick 122.5Indiana, USA88
Barrel # CJ07-7 yr Rye Whiskey- Aromas of warm chocolate, marshmallow followed by cardamom, gingerbread, dried currant. Palate shows cinnamon spice, malt, lemon and hints of caramel. Tapering, complex finish. Rye blend mashbill.Rye Blended 
Jack Daniel’s B&B Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye 134.9Lynchburg, TN72
Barrel House 3-04 Bold, rich aromas of maple, brown butter, rye spice, oak char with hints of heated cherries. Full, viscous & layered palate of cherry, banana, orange peel, molasses with hints of tobacco. Full, heated finish carries maple syrup, rye spice, candied ginger.70R/18C/12M 
Codigo Rosa Blanco B&B Barrel Pick 80Jalisco, MEX70
Blanco Tequila rested in Cabernet barrels- Floral, bright fruit, berry and agave nose. Dark cranberry, strawberry essence, agave, citrus, hints of cut grass. Clean floral, agave finish.100% Agave 
Tommyrotter’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Club Selection Gin 122Buffalo, NY50
Barrel # 821, Lot 12 BBG- Aged in #3 charred oak barrels. Aromas of pine, juniper, orange rind, smoked oak with botanicals. Thick, hot mouth feel of young oak, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg. Lighter finish laced with spices, smoked cedar and ashed pine needles.Botanical Blend 
Plantation Trinidad Single Cask 2009 90.6Trinidad & Tobago75
Cask # 15 – Aged 10 years in ex-bourbon, 11 months in Ferrand cognac, matured for 11 months in a Duvel (Batch No.5) casks. Faint, warm and delicate aromas of molasses, vanilla, banana, hints of warm fruit, carmelized sugar. Palate shows mango, peach, roasted pear, toasted almond, hint of red pepper. Light, delicate finish hinting of mushroom, straw, corn, hazelnut.Molasses Forward 
Plantation Fiji Islands 2001 B&B Single Cask 91.8Fiji94
Cask # 6 – Aged 19 years in ex-bourbon, 1 year in Ferrand cognac, finished 4 months in french rozelieures whiskey casks. Intense tropical nose, warm aromas of vanilla custard, bruleed banana, peach, hazelnut. Palate shows tropical fruits, citrus, mint, eucalyptus with lengthy vanilla notes. Mid length finish shows more tropical fruit, slight smoke, leather.Molasses Forward 
Plantation Barbados 10yr B&B Single Cask 98.6Barbados74
Cask # 12 – Aged 4 years in ex-bourbon, 5.5 years in Ferrand cognac, 6 months in oloroso casks. Oak, vanilla, toasted coconut, caramelized nuts, faint light pepper nose. Rounded palate of chocolate nougat, nutmeg, mocha, hints of rye and toasted cereal. Gentle, melded spice finish.Molasses Forward 

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